Geodynamics of rifting

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T33J. The Geodynamics of Plate Tectonics I 2012 AGU Fall Meeting

Can surface processes affect deformation? Constrasting models with observations. Welcome to the Geodynamics group.

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Cartoon showing main areas and processes of research of the Geodynamics group. The corresponding strength gradient, enhanced by mechanical weakening as the lithosphere thins, causes strain to become progressively more focused away from East Antarctica.

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Eventually, a narrow rift forms at the West Antarctica edge of the model. Class 2 models have a higher ratio of crustal heat production vs. Thinning of the radiogenic crust results in cooling and strengthening of the lithosphere in the incipient neck at the edge of these models, causing rifting to eventually become focused in the weaker interior of the WARS.

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Complex fault interaction controls continental rifting

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  1. Basaltic magmatism and the geodynamics of the East African rift system.
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  6. This volume contains papers giving an interdisciplinary review of 12 major rift systems from North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. These papers are written by an international group of academic and industrial specialists each of whom is most knowledgeable about the respective rift.

    Oblique rifting: the rule, not the exception

    The analyzed rifts were selected on the basis of availability of an as-complete-as-possible geological and geophysical data base. Thirteen papers deal with geodynamic processes governing the evolution of rifts. A comprehensive digest of the available stratigraphic, structural, geophysical and petrological data, together with an extensive list of references, is provided for each of the analyzed rift systems.