Gods Lesser Glory: The Diminished God of Open Theism

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The real question comes down to this--does God really know all things, past, present, and future? Or, is God often surprised like all the rest of us?

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The Bible reveals that God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Bruce Ware sets out the issues carefully in God's Lesser Glory. This book is a much-needed antidote to contemporary confusion, and it is a powerful testimony to the truth of God set forth in Scripture. I can only hope that Christians will read it and rejoice in the knowledge of the true and living God. Albert Mohler, Jr. At once businesslike and practical, Bruce Ware's restatement of classical Christianity in the face of contemporary challenges to it within evangelicalism is bold and bracing.

Driven by the pastoral and practical importance of God's greatness, Ware's approach keeps his defense from bogging down in pedantic rhetoric. This book clearly demonstrates that the historic Christian view, against centuries of antecedents to "open theism," has been favored for so long for one reason: It is so evidently biblical. Not even God knows whether you will decide to buy this book or read it, at least according to "open theism. This is a clear, fair, well-reasoned, and Bible-centered critique of a doctrinal error so far-reaching that it ultimately portrays a different God than the God of the Bible.

Thomas Jay Oord - What is Open Theism and why is this an attractive view?

The movement known as open theism claims to be a more biblical and more practical alternative to the traditional view. Bruce Ware systematically refutes both of these claims, showing that the traditional view better handles the biblical evidence and the issues of Christian living while better preserving the glory of God. His examination of the biblical material is especially strong. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University. While I basically a traditional Arminian do not agree with all of Ware's answers, I applaud his keen discernment of the questions and issues raised by openness theology.

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He clearly sets forth the key differences between this view and traditional views of God, both Arminian and Calvinist; and he perceptively identifies its major weaknesses. I benefited especially from Ware's treatment of the biblical teaching on God's foreknowledge. I am generally not inclined to write a review or a letter to the editor or other things of that nature but occasionally I run across material that is so troubling to me that I must respond.

Bruce Ware begins this superb book by writing, "Readers will find this book unkind to open theism. I hope that in no respect and in no place is it unkind to open theists. Bruce A.

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Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. God's Lesser Glory - by Bruce Ware. Christopher Preston. In part one, Ware gives a summary of the central tenets of open theism.

Ware discusses the rise and popularizing of Open Theism, mentioning several of the key proponents. In the second section of the book, Ware discusses the reasons and defenses for Open Theism, discussing its hermeneutical presuppositions and arguing against the foundational methods of the open theist. Ware then delivers a biblical explanation of the sovereignty of God, and offers true hope to the reader by showing that God is utterly worthy of glory and trust.

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If God is outside of time, then he has no issue with knowing the future, because in a sense, to Him it has already happened, because He can simply see the entire timeline of history. The objection to this that the open theist will raise then, is that this would then mean that the future is fixed and that we have no choice in the matter.

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  7. God, however, a being completely separate from and outside of time, is not bound by the same laws as we are, and there would be no inconsistency in saying that God knows the future — not because we have no free will in what happens in the future, but rather simply because God sees what choice we make. The drastic and ominous implications of this view of God are clear from this summary. If God does not know the future, if God takes risks, if God is surprised by events in our lives, and if God at times is faced with things which He cannot bring together for good Romans , then God is not sovereign.