Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems - Design and Analysis

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems Design and Analysis is an interdisciplinary textbook aimed at systematic descriptions and implementations of numerically-viable algorithms based on well-established, efficient and stable modern numerical linear techniques for mathematical problems arising in the design and analysis of linear control systems both for the first- and second-order models. Unique coverage of modern mathematical concepts such as parallel computations, second-order systems, and large-scale solutions Background material in linear algebra, numerical linear algebra, and control theory included in text Step-by-step explanations of the algorithms and examples "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title.

Book Description : Textbook for courses on linear control which has diverse applications for electrical, mechanical, chemical, and aerospace engineering. Roth, Algorithm A Fortran subroutine to solve the eigenvalue assignment problem for multiinput systems using state feedback ,, ACM Trans. Software , 21 , Owens and J. O'Reilly, Parametric state-feedback control for arbitrary eigenvalue assignment with minimum sensitivity ,, IEE Proceedings D , , Porter and R.

Ram, A. Singh and J.

Root Locus Example 2 in Control Engineering by Engineering Funda, Control System Engineering Example

Mottershead, State feedback control with time delay ,, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing , 23 , D thesis , Shi and Y. Wei, A sharp version of Bauer-Fike's theorem ,, J. De Souza and S. Sun, On numerical methods for robust pole assignment in control system design ,, J.

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Sun, On numerical methods for robust pole assignment in control system design II ,, J. Sun, On measures of robustness of a control system ,, Math. Sinica In Chinese , 9 , Nguyen H. Sau , Vu N.

Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems

LP approach to exponential stabilization of singular linear positive time-delay systems via memory state feedback. Coll , A. Herrero , E. Pole-assignment of discrete time-delay systems with symmetries. Wing-Cheong Lo. Morphogen gradient with expansion-repression mechanism: Steady-state and robustness studies. A projected preconditioned conjugate gradient method for the linear response eigenvalue problem. Wong , C. Myburgh , L. A gradient flow approach for computing jump linear quadratic optimal feedback gains. Qingwen Hu , Huan Zhang.

Stabilization of turning processes using spindle feedback with state-dependent delay. Huawen Ye , Honglei Xu.

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Global stabilization for ball-and-beam systems via state and partial state feedback. Feedback stabilization of a linear hydro-elastic system. Exponential stability of a state-dependent delay system. Unique periodic orbits of a delay differential equation with piecewise linear feedback function. Jinzhi Lei , Frederic Y.

Wan , Arthur D. Lander , Qing Nie. Robustness of signaling gradient in drosophila wing imaginal disc. Robustness of dynamically gradient multivalued dynamical systems. Benjamin B. A state-dependent delay equation with negative feedback and "mildly unstable" rapidly oscillating periodic solutions. A periodic solution with non-simple oscillation for an equation with state-dependent delay and strictly monotonic negative feedback.

Partial eigenvalue assignment with time delay robustness

Time optimal control for a nonholonomic system with state constraint. Hermann Brunner , Stefano Maset. Time transformations for state-dependent delay differential equations. Stepan Sorokin , Maxim Staritsyn. Feedback necessary optimality conditions for a class of terminally constrained state-linear variational problems inspired by impulsive control. State transformations of time-varying delay systems and their applications to state observer design. State estimation for discrete linear systems with observation time-delayed noise.

On conditions that prevent steady-state controllability of certain linear partial differential equations. American Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Previous Article Subspace trust-region algorithm with conic model for unconstrained optimization. A two-phase method for multidimensional number partitioning problem. The partial eigenvalue assignment problem concerns reassigning a few of undesired eigenvalues of a linear system to suitably chosen locations and keeping the other large number of eigenvalues and eigenvectors unchanged no spill-over.

This paper considers the partial eigenvalue assignment problem with time delay robustness. A time delay robustness measure is presented by analyzing the sensitivity of the assigned eigenvalues with respect to time delay. The problem is formulated as an unconstrained minimization problem with the cost function involving the time delay robustness measure.

A numerical algorithm with analytical formulation of the gradient for the cost function is provided. A numerical example is included to show the effectiveness of the proposed method. Keywords: time delay robustness , Linear system , gradient. Citation: Xiaobin Mao, Hua Dai.

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Partial eigenvalue assignment with time delay robustness. References: [1] M. Google Scholar [2] R. Google Scholar [3] D. Google Scholar [4] D.

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