Partial Derivatives

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Partial Derivative Calculator - Symbolab

Partial differentiation is used for finding maxima and minima in optimization problems. Let us discuss it in details.

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It is a derivative where we hold some independent variable as constant and find derivative with respect to another independent variable. For example, suppose we have an equation of a curve with X and Y coordinates in it as 2 independent variables. To find the slope in the direction of X, while keeping Y fixed, we will find the partial derivative. Similarly, we can find the slope in the direction of Y keeping X as Fixed. Partial differentiation builds with the use of concepts of ordinary differentiation.

Partial derivative

So we should be familiar with the methods of doing ordinary first-order differentiation. Obviously, for a function of one variable, its partial derivative is the same as the ordinary derivative. Constants, when added to functions, will differentiate to 0 but constants multiplying the functions, are retained and so still multiply the derivative. Question Find the partial derivative of the following function in x and y with respect to x and y separately.

Finding Partial Derviatives

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  5. Great job! Hopefully, now you understand a little more about multivariable functions and derivatives! Partial Derivatives Lab Introduction In this lesson, we'll get some more practice with partial derivatives. Unlock your future in tech.

    Second Order Partial Derivatives

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    Partial derivative

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