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Millie and Chase have loved each other since childhood and neither really knew it. Millie and her friends made a pact years ago to never marry anyone unless the men met with some very specific exceptions. Chase and Millie were made for each other, and everyone in their lives agrees. A traitor and murderer is found and a new life filled with unrestrained passion begins.

Great rea Millie and Chase have loved each other since childhood and neither really knew it. Great read!! Aug 23, Joanna Loves Reading added it Shelves: hr , not-for-me-authors. Listened to this on Hoopla a while ago. I believe I liked this story OK, but the second book took away much of that. Dec 08, Elis Madison rated it really liked it Shelves: intrigue-is-good , ru-kidding-me , part-of-series , adventure-and-danger , era-regency , a-bit-of-mystery , secret-fraternity , use-your-words. Unless "the perfect man" proposes. For Millie, the perfect man would let her ride a horse astride, climb trees, and spelunk, and most of all, he wouldn't be stuffy and boring, like Aimee's annoying and patronizing big brother Charlie.

FF eight years. Chase Charlie has been off fighting the wars and hunting for traitors, when he gets missives that persuade him to go home. First missive is from his mum who is just a BIT too canny to be your usual society matron—guessing there's a story there but I haven't read it—yet , summoning him home to escort his sister and her two BFFs in their first season. Second is info that his da, who died a while ago, might've been murdered.

He arrives home to find that the cute wee hellion who was a royal pain in his arse way back when has… well, she's… Chase, being male, suffers from a circulation problem—let's just say the most important part of him isn't getting any go ahead and take that both ways. Doesn't help that Millie's smart enough to see the things he's trying to hide—and to observe more about the people around them than is safe for either of them. AND Seems Chase's da, possibly foreseeing his own demise, gave each of the Three BFF's a sweet little gift, that, alas, contains a secret code that is guaranteed to drive the bad guys nuts.

Four stars. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Top 5 worst romance novels that I've read, sorry. It doesn't add up. One moment Millie is perceptive beyond description and in the next she uses no brain at all. I don't for a second believe that she would have ignored her instincts in relation to Lord Marston.

And when he pushes her buttons regarding Chase, she is immediately triggered into complete stupidity, yet when she banter Top 5 worst romance novels that I've read, sorry. And when he pushes her buttons regarding Chase, she is immediately triggered into complete stupidity, yet when she banters with Chase, she thinks and talks 'like a man' of the time , sharp and focussed, witty and going with the flow; creative in other words. Also, I doubt she would have ignored a sense of unease at being recognised whilst wearing a wig, mask, and an uncharacteristically bold dress because the man himself thought he wouldn't have recognised her unless he'd have followed her from her home address.

So why make her an airhead, choose the easy insulting option, when Marston might as well have been beaten at his own game likely or at least provided a worthy opponent. See, my first exclamation mark in a review. It spoils the whole story. Because lo and behold, when it comes to Sir Edward, she is like the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Come on Aroused also seems to be one of the author's favourite naughty words, blah. I don't want to write cringe of embarrassment and arousal in the same sentence : As for Millie's fear of being like everyone else, that point was driven home one time too many as well. In fact there were quite a few characteristics and concepts that were repeated over and over to make sure that even the stupidest of readers would get it.

The only truly redeeming qualities were Millie's friends and Chase's mother. The Russian madame was also quite a character. Unfortunately a lot of time was spent gazing into Millie's fine purple eyes or watching them burn of fury or other equally imbalanced emotions. Oh dear, I won't read more by this author. The story of Edward Cullen and Bella Whatshername all over again. I love regency novels but this is the kind of books that make the genre look laughable at best. Well, I guess I'll just keep searching.

View 1 comment. Nov 28, Wendy Tavenner rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved the book! Millie, Aimee and Janelle have been best friends for years. They made a pact when they were 12 that they would never marry unless each of their prerequisites are met.

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Charles the Marquess of Chaselton comes home after a 8 years on a mission to not only find his fathers murderer and to escort the 3 around during there first season. Millie becomes ensnarled in Charles mission. You have intrigue, danger, adventure and passion all wrapped up in a delicious read!

Jun 23, Janet rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 23, Jewels Tate rated it did not like it. This book boring! May 03, Meranda Semeniuk-Wappel rated it it was amazing. Such a great book! Can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series! Just love how the two main characters are so blind for so long then thing change and it gets romantic! Apr 05, Di Schlenk rated it it was amazing. The first in this series. Lots of twists and turns in this book. Loved it. Mar 21, Phoenix77 rated it liked it Shelves: historical-romance. The first book of the series, A Woman Made for Pleasure, introduces us to three willful young women who make a childhood pact never to marry, yet in their innocence none of them realize what they really agree to is only marring for love.

The instigator of the pact, Lady Millie Aldon, hopes to live her life full of adventure. She bristles at the niceties and has to keep her sharp tongue in check when speaking to the society ladies or the gentlemen who call upon her. Her favorite diversion is in the art of observation, making a study of the people she comes into contact with to find the secrets they are hiding from others. His reappearance in society after a long absence is dubious enough, yet his actions while in town lead Mille to suspect that his motives are not as innocent as just an escort to three debutants.

Chase is a master of espionage and has been tracking down a small group of peers who are looking to create a rebellion against the Crown. Using his chaperone duties as the perfect cover, Chase works to collect the clues necessary to identify a traitor in their midst and flush him out. With so much riding on his success, he is caught unprepared to fight against his attraction to Millie. He remembers her fondly as the young girl who was constantly into mischief, never thinking she would blossom into a beautiful young woman that would be his match in both intelligence and ability.

I greatly enjoyed the balance in this story between the mystery that Chase is trying to solve against the growing relationship between him and Millie. Being close to her challenges his resolve to stay detached from his emotions while in pursuit, but he is not above using that connection with her to further his mission. He also fights to keep her removed from the dangers a life with him could expose her to. He was that solid strength she knew she could rely on when her own misadventures led her down the wrong path. As an adult, she uses that same bond to trust in him and allow Chase see the real Millie; a woman with her own inner strength, loyalty and love for those closest to her.

The sexual tension that creeps into their verbal sparring matches kept me reading to see when that powder keg of emotion would explode. I loved how strongly Chase comes to feel for Millie, even if he cannot acknowledge the emotion in himself. I felt for Millie as she struggled against her own feelings and her loyalties to the pact she had made with her friends.

My biggest criticism about the book is not about the story itself, but more how Ms. Sinclair chose to write her characters. She allows the reader to get into the thoughts of not only Millie and Chase, but her friends Aimee and Jennelle, their guardian Lady Chaselton, the villains of the book and others. I did appreciate the outside viewpoints on Millie and Chase, as it gave us a better sense of how they presented themselves to others. However, the back and forth and switching around would pull me out of the story until I got my bearings upon who was thinking what.

I wish that these quick changes in point of view could have been reserved for more logical breaks in the story rather than right in the middle of a scene. My colleague Terree has long been a fan of Ms. With hints as to the next love match on the horizon, I am looking forward to the second book of this series and reading as the other two women find their own happiness.

Aug 08, Dottie rated it really liked it. A witty, adventurous tale! Actually rated 4. Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies. For Millie, who had no wish to wed ever, the exception was that she would only wed if she found a man who would allow her to hunt, ride astride, climb trees and explore caves. He must also never be dull, have an aversion to following rules and possess as much pa A witty, adventurous tale!

He must also never be dull, have an aversion to following rules and possess as much passion as she has for adventure. She was certain she would never find a man like this. Millie, as well as her friend Jenelle, lost their mothers when they were quite young. Every summer the two girls stay at the Wentworths with their friend Aimee. Now the girls are grown and attending their first Season, although they are getting a late start since they delayed it by two years.

Of the three, he found the spitfire Millie the most fascinating. Now, eight years later, he is the Marquess of Chaselton and known as Chase. During his time away from home, Chase has seen some tragic sights, so receiving letters from home has become a precious treat. Eight years ago, his father died and left him one request — to find the traitor who was ruining the names of many good men. So he ended up in Spain, trying to do just that.

His recent letter from his mother begged him to come home to escort his sister and her friends for their first Season. Knowing it is his responsibility, he has decided to return to London. But he also has another reason for returning. Upon his return home, Chase comes upon Millie in the middle of the night and cannot believe this beautiful young woman is the little girl he had last seen eight years ago. He has to fight his attraction to her. Although they do their best to fight the attraction, one passionate kiss changes everything. Chase will not be happy until he possesses her and, as far as he is concerned, for Millie, that means marriage.

But his clandestine activities would only put her in the middle of danger, especially with her adventurous nature, which compels her to spy so she can discover his secrets. Can he keep her safe while still completing his investigation, or will he lose the woman he has come to love? Chase and Millie were ideally suited.

I loved that they grew up together and knew so much about each other, which was helpful in avoiding any misunderstandings between them since they knew each other so well. Cecilia was also an excellent guiding hand for the three girls. This story is an absolute delight! Packed with hilarious escapades, danger, well-drawn characters, clever banter, suspense, mystery, romance and plenty of love, this story is an excellent start to a promising series.

I highly recommend it! Dottie, RomanceJunkies. It read smoothly and was enticing enough to keep me turning page without putting it down too often. This was a good historical romance novel. I always appreciate a certain degree of historical accuracy in a HRN and Michele Sinclair added her own touch of fictional fabrication in reference to some real historical events that sounded plausible and certainly helped structuring the plot and interlacing the romantic element with a solid thread of suspenseful mystery.

Right from the start, the novel features an engaging plot, a good storyline structure, lively dialogues, sultry sensuality, and well developed characters, both main and supporting cast. The characterization of the lead couple is effective and convincing: Sinclair delivers an interesting take on the friends-to-lovers trope, predictable at times, but enjoyable all the same, with a good balance of angst, light-hearted tones, and suspense.

Or at least she had. Now, Millie wanted so very much to break it. May 23, Toni rated it it was amazing Shelves: kensington-arcs. The idea behind the Promises Trilogy is fascinating and fun. Three young girls, aka The Daring Three or Three for short, make a pact to never get married.

Each are allowed an exception, and all three have listed some very extraordinary exceptions. Millie Aldon is the instigator of this promise. She has no desire to ever wed, but she wants to ensure that her best friends will be with her always. Mil 4. Millie is adventurous, contemptuous and put quite plainly…a handful.

Years later, she remains steadfast against marriage. The three ladies have put off their season long enough and are sent to London to find husbands. None of them have changed their minds, but they put on their best faces to appease their families. He is being called home to escort the Three into society. He will gladly return home to accompany his sister and her two friends at least that is what he wants everyone to believe.

He is getting closer to the identity of a traitor to England and this is his opportunity to search closer to home. She is still impetuous, adventurous and challenging, but she makes his blood boil with a mere smile. Now he has to guard his heart, protect Millie and find a killer. These two were a joy to read and the supporting cast was just as much fun. The mystery was well executed and developed nicely.

Even though I had an idea who the traitor was, I was guessing right up to the end. Well done, Ms. According to her website Promises was never published. It also appears the other two books of the trilogy have already been outlined. I doubt they will remain titled Consequences and Choices, but it sure would be nice to know when they will be published.

A Woman Made for Pleasure was a hit for me. I know I have mentioned my uneasiness about the other two, but only because I want them now. If you like saucy heroines and stubborn heroes, with a sweet romance, with some mystery thrown in, I think you will enjoy this novel. Once you have read them, you can join me in a campaign to get the other two released ASAP.

Sep 20, Margaret rated it it was amazing. She has always been the one to talk her other two friends into do things. They chuckle and then leave me to my work. Katie Burns from human resources joins me in the conference room as I put the final notes in from the interview we just completed. I look up at her once I'm all done. I would like to feature you in our "Who's Who" spotlight section for the July issue. It's an opportunity for the rest of the company to get to know you," the blonde — yes, another one — gleams at me. An opportunity for the rest of the company to get to know me?

The very thought is intimidating. We're talking tens of thousands of employees — globally! I'll jot down some interesting facts about you. We can talk about you being in the recent graduate program and the project you are currently working on for Mr. Grey," Katie runs down. Katie pulls out her notebook and begins to ask me questions.

I tell her where I graduated from and what my major was. I talked about some of my favorite books. I revealed that I live with my best friend Kate who is currently interning for the Seattle Times in hopes of landing a permanent position. One interesting fact I told Katie about was that I am pretty good at playing pool. I just recently patched up things with my old friend after a not-so-cool incident back in Vancouver.

I was truly bothered by that. I never thought of him more than just a friend. He was like a brother to me. But apparently, he's always had these feelings for me. In many phone calls from him and in a letter of apology, he mentioned that his misplaced crush on me wasn't worth losing our longtime friendship over. I believe that we both have an understanding now.

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After my reverse interview with Katie is over, she snaps a photo of me with her camera phone for the article. When Katie leaves, I realize that it's six o'clock. I don't have any more interviews scheduled until tomorrow morning. Hesitantly, I call Grey on the Blackberry that I was just issued this afternoon to see if he is ready to take me home. Obviously he knows my new corporate mobile number before I do.

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By the way, I'm all set to go if Taylor is ready to take me home," I tell him. I'll see you in the car," he says. We disconnect and I pack up my belongings for the drive home. I sit in silence in the backseat of the SUV next to Grey. He takes a phone call and I scroll through my new Blackberry, checking emails for interview confirmations. I'm not sure what Grey is discussing on his call, I just know that it's business related. I hear words like " Darfur " and " shipment " and I instantly tune out. I hope that he keeps on talking all the way to my place so I don't have to speak to him.

I feel as though I always have to be on my toes when talking to him, and I just don't have the energy to face him in that way tonight. On the drive, I glance out the window and see a little carnival just being set up across the way. Oh carnivals! I think about the times that my stepfather Ray and I would randomly stop at a carnival and just enjoy the sights and sounds. Carnivals would always put me in a carefree state of mind.

It reminds me of a time where there were no bills to pay and no quotas to meet. It was just me — trying to get the small ring to land on the large mouth of a milk jug. It was the smell of cotton candy and hot funnel cakes. I close my eyes and imagine a place with carousels and rocking pirate ships.

A place void of overbearing, stalky CEOs and gossipy coworkers. Grey pulls me out of my reverie. I had no idea that he had ended his phone call. I turn to look at him and give him a lazy grin. He grins back in amusement. I narrow my eyes, confused. What about? I chuckle under my breath. I'd like to at least have my thoughts to myself," I sass at him. Yep — Anastasia: Unplugged. And I pray that we are close to home because I don't want to say anything else that may possibly get me into trouble. After all, it was my smart mouth that got me this brutal project in the first place.

There's a slight tension now in the air that I can only blame myself for. How to break it? He frowns at me and I instantly regret asking the question. Oh, and Ros," he responds. Ros Bailey. I don't really know her but from what I've seen, I like her.

1. Farewell to Adventure

I hope to get to work with her one of these days. Maybe I can pick her brain on how to best this man sitting right beside me. I'm sure she has a few tips and tricks under her sleeve. You called me by my name first, so I slipped ," I say, embarrassed. Geez, Grey. I'm sure you remember all of the things I want to forget, like when I broke that glass in your office. My proper name silkily exits his lips and my scalp tingles.

Only he can make my name sound so sexy. I suppress my wayward thoughts. Oh Ray. How I miss the man who I consider my dad. He was husband number two out of four for my mother Carla. I have to get down to Montesano and see him soon — although it would be nice for him to come up and see me in Seattle. Grey's lips twitch into a slight smile. It's a beautiful name," he says.

And my heart skips a beat. It's probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard him say. Well, that and ' You're doing a great job ' — because let's face it, Grey doesn't show a lot of emotion. To my surprise, he gives me a shy smile right back! My God. My heart instantly melts and my eyes drop, removing him from my gaze. Now, I want nothing more but to get out of this car. I am starting to feel a little weird about our little mindless exchange. I don't want to fantasize about this man because he's the CEO of the company that I work for. I don't want to develop any strong feelings for him because nothing would ever come out of that.

Once this employee satisfaction project is over, my life will return to normal. I probably will never interact with him again and will see him as often as Gunther does. To my surprise, Taylor pulls up directly to my apartment. Fortunately for me, there won't be any forced-feedings tonight. I'll see you in the morning," Grey says kindly.

However for some strange reason, I begin to feel disappointed that our night's been cut short. As I walk to the door of my apartment building, I recall Lacy's ridiculous comment earlier about Grey checking out my ass.


Reflexively, I turn around to look back at the car — but it's all in vain. Tinted windows, dummy. It's the final day of the work week and the first day of a new month. I am so excited for the upcoming Fourth of July long weekend. Kate and I don't have any plans other than to go shopping tomorrow with my new friend Lacy from work. After that, we will probably play things by ear. That morning, I slide on a pair of navy blue leggings and a multi-colored blue chevron summer dress before touching up my hair. The last couple of car rides with Grey have been uneventful.

Awkward even, I must say. No impromptu dinners. No deep conversation.

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I don't know what it will take to break the weirdness between us. I guess that'll always be there. He is the big boss and all, and I'm just a lowly recent college graduate. So far, the interviews have been progressing well and the online survey results are pouring in. I will give the surveys and interviews another solid week and a half before dedicating the final days for analysis and recommendations. Grey didn't instruct me to do the last part, but I am going to anyway. I will base my recommendations on what's financially feasible as well as what some studies prove will work in retaining top talent.

I'm sure Grey will simply ignore it, because hey — it's Christian Fucking Grey and he can do whatever the hell he wants. But I want him to know that I actually have a mind and I can do more than just consolidate interviews and report out results. He'll either be impressed or annoyed — either way, he'll remember me. I quickly run up from my bedroom and grab my bag.

It is Friday after all ," Kate says with hope in her eyes. She has been on my ass all week about him. Grey and I haven't gone out to dinner together since Monday. Grey's the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company," I say. She frowns at me. I am an employee at that same company ," I try to reason with her. She is so desperate to push me off on some man. Well, let me take that back — not just any man. She's very selective on who she wants me to be with.

You, me and our pink bunny pajamas," I say with a huge grin. Kate smirks at me as if she doesn't believe me. My word. He's wearing dark blue jeans and a light blue polo shirt.

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He looks magnificent. Thank God for casual Fridays. I buckle up and I immediately grab my Blackberry and check my email messages. During the last few car rides to and from work, Grey has been taking phone call after phone call. I brace for his phone to ring so he can busy himself and not be forced to start an awkward conversation with me.

I look up, perplexed that he's talking to me and not to Ros or Barney or whoever it is that he talks to. In a surprise move, he reaches over and tugs the Blackberry out of my hands. I look up to see him glaring at me with amusement. My heart stills. Damn, he's gorgeous. I just want you to talk to me," he says sweetly. And I am at a loss. I don't know what he wants from me. I think I have a solid week left and I'll…" "Forget about work.

Tell me something about you," he cuts me off. I arch an eyebrow at him, completely dumbstruck. What do you like to do outside of work? I start talking to him about my love for classic literature, and to my surprise, he is familiar with some of the works that I enjoy. We have a spirited discussion and he even quotes Tess of the d'Urbervilles , which I though was highly impressive.

What time is your first interview today? I perk up, amused at his reaction to my meal choice. When it comes to food, this guy is weird! I gape at Grey with wide eyes. So Kate was wrong, it's breakfast with Grey, not dinner. I'd heard Portage Bay, famous for its breakfast, was very good. I've never been. I hide a smile under my hand, which he catches. And again, he gives me another shy smile and I am giddy. I begin to giggle like a schoolgirl. It's refreshing when you do," I tell him.

Honestly — it is. He should smile more often. It only takes a minute to sign up. What does the Oracle wish for? If she supports humans then she should help destroy the Matrix. If she does not, then she should mislead Neo and make the machines win. In the end of The Matrix Revolutions, she seems pretty content.

Because the war was over? Is that all she wanted from the start? This is not the first matrix, it's the sixth one and Oracle helped Architect to build this one. From the failure of previous matrix, Oracle and Architect given the humans 'free will'. So Oracle always in support of free will for Humans. Her action sometimes cause imbalance in matrix but Architect is always there to control the effects. Like other agents and programs Oracle and Architect are not bound to matrix, they existed before it and will going to live after it.

So this gives Oracle free will of her own, which reflects in her actions. Some fan conclusions also say that the Black actor and white actor playing the Oracle character are like Yin and yang. But its Architect and Oracle who act like Yin and yang.