Solving Equations in Integers

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The calculator accepts numbers of up to digits, but notice that the algorithm requires the factorization of some numbers in general large numbers cannot be factored in a reasonable amount of time. If there are too many solutions, the application could run out of memory.

In this case it will not show anything.

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The operators return zero for false and -1 for true. SHL : Shift left the number of bits specified on the right operand.

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SHR : Shift right the number of bits specified on the right operand. Gcd m,n : Greatest common divisor of these two integers.

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Modpow m,n,r : finds m n modulo r. Moreover, these equations are sometimes encountered in physics and so they are also important in practice. The elements of the theory of equations with integral coefficients as presented in this book are suitable for broadening the mathematical outlook of high-school students and students of pedagogical institutes. Some of the main results in the theory of the solution of equations in integers have been given and proofs of the theorems involved are supplied when they are sufficiently simple.

Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers

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  • If signs are different subtract the smaller number from the larger number and keep the sign of the larger number. Keep the sign of the first number.

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    Change the subtraction operations to addition operations. Change the sign of the numbers that follow to the opposite, i. Then follow the rules for addition problems.

    Solving Basic Equations Containing Integers