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Easy, right? Obviously, everything goes wrong and she ends up in deep shit, and just as obviously, her common sense, practicality, and basic decency helps her to save the day. I heard about this book, which is the first of a popular series, from commenters on the io9 article about my own elderly protagonist, and I thought it would be only fair to give it a try.

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When I started this one, I really wanted to like it. Yeah, some of the writing can be rough. The character work is terrific, and there are several lovely little grace notes in the narrative that I enjoyed very much. Unfortunately, the book was written and is set in the early sixties, when readers might seriously see the CIA as heroic freedom fighters and the rest of the world as a little slower, a little more primitive or ridiculous. I can look past casual racism in older books I have to do it in modern books, too but when the supposed heroes reveal [SPOILER] that the man they saved from prison was a food scientist the Red Chinese government had kidnapped because they hoped his discoveries would help relieve famine in their country.

Buy a copy. Pollifax yet. I'm trying to make more of the people from the second category into people from the first category.

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I wish I encountered your website before! You are reviewing two of my favourite series-Mrs Polifax and Trixie Belden! What a combination! I am a photographer and travel across North America quite a bit. Between that and editing, I have much more time to listen to audiobooks than to read books. So, I digitised all my cassette audios including the entire Mrs Polifax series read by the delightful Barbara Rosenblat This wasn't my favourite of the series, although it did introduce Farill.

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He kind of reminds me of a tougher, older brother to Bishop. I like how this series has intrigue without the gritty violence, swearing and sex of so many spy novels. I always introduce my two favourite spy series this way.

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I look forward to reading more of your reviews! Well, welcome now! I'm actually not a fan of the audio version of Mrs. I don't think the narrator gets her character right. Funny how that can make a difference to us, right? I like your description of the series. I haven't heard of Alex Rider, but I may need to fix that.

I like Mrs. Pollifax for 2 reasons, one, the fun stories and characters and two, the narration by Barbara Rosenblat. I can't imagine the story without her doing all the voices. Same with Harry Potter and Jim Dale Pages Home About Carstairs? Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman Mrs. Pollifax 1.

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  5. Stars : 5 out of 5 Pros : Wonderful character; great plot. Cons : A tad slow in the middle; just at the edge of believability. Introduction of the Charming Mrs. It was almost two decades ago that I first found the adventures of Mrs. Pollifax, the CIA's senior spy. I was inspired to reread the series recently. Naturally, the logical place to start is with the first book in the series, The Unexpected Mrs. Since the series was written over 35 years, Mrs. Pollifax never ages even though the enemies she fights against change with the times. The key to appreciating the series, therefore, is to remember that each book takes place in the year it was written.

    The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax

    For this book, the year is , and the cold war is very much a hot issue. Pollifax is bored. Her kids have grown and her husband has passed away. She enjoys her volunteer work and her garden club membership, but she's looking for some purpose in her life again.

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    She decides to pursue the one thing she's always wanted to do. At the same time, Mr. Carstairs is looking for a currier. He wants someone unknown and innocent looking who will be able to pass for a tourist. When he accidentally meets Mrs. Pollifax, he knows he has found his agent. The fact that she has no training is fine since, while the situation is dangerous, she shouldn't be in any real danger.

    She's given a three-week vacation to Mexico. Her only job is to walk into a bookstore on a certain day, utter a few code phrases, and bring the package with her back to Carstairs. What could be simpler? However, when the appointed day arrives, she walks into the bookstore and is promptly kidnapped.

    Soon she finds herself on a plane with another agent being taken to who knows where. She's stumbled into a situation way beyond her experience. What she does know is, it's her duty to escape. And with a little luck and some planning, she just might do it. This book is so much more fun then I remembered. Pollifax is an absolute hoot to watch in action.