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Advancing the theory and measurement of collective empowerment: a qualitative study.

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  3. Schumpeterian Profits in the American Economy: Theory and Measurement.
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  6. The rise and fall of the representational theory of measurement.
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The present study examines the importance of Schumpeterian profits in the United States economy. Schumpeterian profits are defined as those profits that arise when firms are able to appropriate the returns from innovative activity.

Wealth inequality: Theory, measurement and decomposition

We first show the underlying equations for Schumpeterian profits. We then estimate the value of these profits for the non-farm business economy.

Measurement in Science (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

We conclude that only a minuscule fraction of the social returns from technological advances over the period was captured by producers, indicating that most of the benefits of technological change are passed on to consumers rather than captured by producers. Development of the American Economy. Economic Fluctuations and Growth.

The Measurement Problem

International Finance and Macroeconomics.